HEPACO has thoroughly trained technicians and owns the equipment required to enter and clean various-sized tanks and pits to remove all kinds of liquids, sludges, solids, and debris. All HEPACO employees are confined space entry trained and have experience cleaning even the most difficult-to-clean spaces while safely managing a wide variety of hazardous conditions. 

HEPACO provides comprehensive tank cleaning, removal, decommissioning, and demolition services across our operating area. 

With a team of certified personnel on staff, HEPACO provides turn-key services for various sizes of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs), including the following:

  • Permitting and inspection
  • Product removal and tank and vessel cleaning
  • Product turnover and transfers
  • 2D and 3D non-entry tank cleaning
  • Gas-free cleaning
  • Tank decommissioning and demolition
  • Tank system removal
  • UST closure-in-place
  • Contaminated soil removal
  • Site restoration 

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