Founded in 1984, HEPACO’s roots have always been in “Cleaning the Environment” (our original corporate tagline). Our founders focused on providing excellence in environmental cleanup, carefully and steadily growing HEPACO from a local, specialized environmental company into a full-service environmental remediation contractor. As a result, HEPACO has grown significantly from those early days when we offered just a handful of traditional environmental services in a few select locations in the Carolinas.

Today, HEPACO is an industry-leading environmental contractor with more than 700 employees located in 45+ service centers across the Eastern United States. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, we offer everything from industrial and marine services to waste solutions, remediation, emergency response and beyond.

Throughout our 38 years in business, two things at our core remain unchanged: our passion for our work and our desire to be the “Best Ever.” Let us show you what sets HEPACO apart from the rest.

HEPACO Differentiators

By developing and maintaining strong personal relationships with our customers, we are able to fully understand your needs and execute the work accordingly. To succeed in a highly competitive market, it is critical that we provide high-quality services in the most cost-effective manner. The expectations of our customers determine the minimum performance standards by which we measure our own success. Whether we are solving a complex technical challenge or simply providing routine services, we always strive to provide the most value for the dollar and bring all work to completion to our customer’s full satisfaction. That’s The HEPACO Difference.

Our Core Values

SAFETY is at the heart of our HEPACO core values:






Yes – "Can Do"

At HEPACO, our core values are more than just words – more than what we wish others would think of us. Our core values are what we expect from ourselves, and therefore what others should expect and demand of us. They shape every strategic decision we make as a company, and are a guide to daily decisions made by each and every employee at HEPACO.


We employ an experienced, dedicated, and highly-qualified team of project managers, site supervisors, equipment operators, hazmat technicians, and business development professionals. We’re experts at helping clients identify ways to efficiently and cost-effectively manage environmental projects. Our trained professionals know how to do the job safely, and we do it the right way every time. Give us a call today at 800.888.7689 to discuss your next project!

Our HEPACO Brand Promise

Our HEPACO Team is committed to "Dealing ACEs" to every customer. Our goal is to consistently deliver Amazing Customer Experiences. Put our team to the test – we're ready to accept your toughest challenge!